My father was the inspiration of getting Euro Sport Car started. One of the things that my father and I have in common is we love sports cars! I would say that was the glue that made us close. We could talk about sports cars for hours and we still did until he past on from fighting ALS.
One of the coolest stories my Pop told me is when he & my mother lived in LA. Pop would go to the Santa Anna Hills on his dirt bike that he made from a Triumph.
He would head out there every Sunday jumping & climbing those hills. It was his way to relax. One Sunday when Pop was at the hills he saw two guys out there riding around, so he started jumping with them. When they Took a break. One of them pulled off his helmet a it was Steve McQueen. He asked Pop if he came here regularly. Pop said yes because it’s quiet on Sundays and Steve agreed. The other guy that was with Steve is his trainer. He was Practicing a jump for a movie called The Great Escape. Pop a Steve became friends and the rest is history. Pop was a man that taught us two boy's to give hope to those that are in need. So we are giving 10% of the proceeds to young girls that are abused through sex trafficking. These amazing girls are given a hope and a future that they didn't have but now they do.

The name of the organization is HOUSE OF PROMISE. If you would like to check them out, look up 
www.thehouseofpromise.com Thank you and God bless!